“Learn to get in touch with
the silence within yourself,
and know that everything
in life has purpose.”

~ Elizabeth Kubla-Ross

Audio Lessons for Children and Adults

Being still can be difficult for children and adults alike! Sitting and being still may feel like you are “doing nothing”; however, this “doing nothing” is essential for a happy, peaceful and balanced life.

MindfulLeigh offers audios that support your exploration of stillness. These audios are accessible for everyone no matter your experience level with mindfulness. When practicing mindfulness remember there is no right or wrong. Do your best to approach the practices with curiosity, being gentle with yourself along your journey.

You will find the audios are practical and can be utilized in any setting—home, school, therapy session, etc. There are audios for children and adults, but adults can feel free to practice the audios for children WITH their kids. Everyone gets on the same page this way!